Villedieu, Villa Dei, earned its name from the Order of the Hospital from Saint-Jean of Jerusalem who established residence on the 12th century and brought with them their copper know-how.
Being one of the first to introduce what would become later culinary dinanderie with its strong cooking activity, Villedieu became then one of the most proeminent places of dinanderie in France. In 1962 the town will officially change its name to Villedieu-les-Poêles.

The peak of activity of the masters of dinanderie was around the 18th and 19th century. At that time Villedieu-les-Poeles was house to about a hundred of workshops. During the 20th century, the rise of industrial machines meant that diversifying its activity became a necessity. The boilermaking industry took over at the same time that the utility foundry did. By the end of the sixties, the number of the remaining companies was twenty, employing around 250 people.

As of today, only a few companies industrially perpetuate this heritage...
But for any dinanderie production, only l'Atelier du Cuivre can make them.


Located in Villedieu-les-Poêles, L'Atelier du Cuivre is known in France, Europe and all over the world for its dinanderie and its coppersmithing know-how

At the heart of the Copper City, l'Atelier du Cuivre was founded in 1850 and is one of the oldest workshops still in activity.
We perpetuate the ancestral tradition of dinanderie and french gastronomy which is why renowned cooks visit our workshop.

The craftsmen work using traditional techniques and tools to produce a wide range of pieces, from the usual copper utensils to special on-demand design or art pieces. They handcraft copper, with manual spinning lathe machines, dinanderie, coppersmithing, tinning and polishing depending on demand.