Why do copper pans have an inner tin coating ? Recognized by professionals for its heat conductivity, copper does oxidize: it gradually tarnishes to a black color to finally reach the famous grey-greenish tint. If this oxidation has the advantage of protecting the copper, it can on the other hand be a source of intoxication. Indeed, this tint is the ultimate degree of oxidation of copper, which is particularly harmful in case of ingestion. This is why it is essential to tin the copper to cook with it. The only exception is the jam pans: no tinning required since the sugar counteracts the oxidation, hence a sparkling copper after cooking jam!

The Atelier du Cuivre offers retinning service for your pieces with two possible finishes, brushed finish and polished finish. 

* Please bring your pans and pots directly to the Workshop so that we can judge the condition and the possibility of repair.

What's our tinning method ? Our workshop brings its traditional knowledge and craftsmanship to the reshaping and renovation of your utensils. 6 steps are necessary to give your products a second youth :

• Full scouring of the piece

• Inspection for any holes to make sure the piece is sealed properly

• Remove bumps if necessary

• Rivets inspection

• Tin coating

• Outside polishing ( handles included ) OR Brushing ( if you plan on cooking with them again )

Retrieve your products looking just as good as a new piece, packed up and ready to go !