Cuivr'Or - Copper Cleaning Paste
  • Cuivr'Or - Copper Cleaning Paste

Cuivr'Or - Copper Cleaning Paste

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Copper cleaning paste.

Capacity: 500g




Livraison sous deux jours ouverts.



Easy to use and efficient, Cuivr'Or is the perfect polish paste to keep your copper clean.

It allows for a quick and easy recovering and polishing of your pans and other copper utensils.

Cuivr'Or is sold in three different sizes : 250g, 500g, 1kg

Instructions : 

1. Clean your utensil with your usual product ( dishwashing product )

2. Clean it using our Cuivr'Or paste on a wet soft sponge

3. Rince it with hot water

4. Dry it immediately afterwards

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